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Facial Surgery


With the passage of time the ligaments that anchor the skin of the forehead stretch resulting in descent of the brow. This results in a lowering of the eyebrows and the appearance of folds of skin on the upper eyelid. Patients say that they attract unwelcome comments about being tired or worried from acquaintances and colleagues at work and are unhappy about the frown lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows. This is often a cause of significant distress and results in a request for a consultation to discuss rejuvenation of the upper half of the face.

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Eyelid Reduction (Upper and Lower)

Lower Eyelid Reduction (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Patients are self conscious about excess skin and wrinkling of the lower eyelids and of protruding eye bags. They feel that these features make them appear tired and attract comments from colleagues and acquaintances.

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Upper Eyelid Reduction (Upper Blepharoplasty)

Patients request this procedure because they are self conscious about wrinkling and drooping of the upper eyelids. Some patients experience difficulty with upward gaze when the excess skin of the upper eyelid blocks their vision.

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With the passage of time the ligaments that hold the skin of the face in position stretch and there is also a decrease in the natural fat that is present in the tissues. As a result of this the skin on the face, the brow and the neck begins to sag. Patients do not like the appearance of jowls, deep creases in the cheeks, wrinkles and bands in the neck as these are recognisable signs of ageing. This is a common reason for consultations for facelifts and neck lifts.

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Mini Facelift

As part of the normal process of ageing the ligaments that hold the skin of the facing position begin to stretch. As a result of this the skin on the face and neck begins to sag and wrinkles appear on the cheeks. Patients do not like the appearance of jowls, creases in the cheeks and moderate wrinkling and sagging of skin in the neck. They do not need a full facelift and therefore request consultation for a mini facelift.

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Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

The appearance of the nose can be a significant source of distress as it is a very prominent facial feature. The shape of the nose may be unacceptable to patients due to its size, shape or projection.

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Prominent Ear Correction

The ear has a unique shape due to the presence of elastic cartilage. The shape of the ear is maintained by the balance of forces in the elastic fibres of the cartilage. 

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One year on I am very happy with the results and feel much happier with my life. It has changed much more than just my facial appearance!

Dee L

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