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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement (augmentation) is a frequently performed procedure to correct hypoplasia (underdevelopment of breasts) or ptosis (droopy breasts).

Why do women seek surgery to enlarge their breasts?

Women whose breasts are abnormally small often say that they do not feel feminine and are ashamed of the boyish appearance of their chests. They are unable to wear underclothes or swimwear of their choice and inhibited about going out on beach holidays or swimming , as they feel self-conscious whilst wearing evening wear or strappy summer clothes. Women feel a lack of confidence in their work environment and in their personal relationships and therefore wish to have surgery to correct this problem. Most women who have had children and have breast-fed or have lost significant weight are unhappy about the loss of volume and emptiness in the upper part of the breast.

Can I choose the cup size that I want?

It is advisable to discuss with your surgeon what is a reasonable size in terms of your height and body shape and your expectations before you undergo surgery. It is not possible to predict with absolute accuracy the cup size that an individual patient is likely to be after this procedure. Your surgeon will endeavour to give you a result appropriate for your height and build, while keeping your preferences in mind.

What does the operation involve?

Breast enlargement is performed under general anaesthetic and may involve one or two nights stay in hospital. With some patients it may be possible to carry out the procedure as a day case. A tube drain is inserted into each breast to remove any blood fluid that may have collected around the implant. This tube drain is normally removed within 24 to 48 hours and the patient is allowed home in a supportive soft brassiere.

Following surgery there is some discomfort, which is more than adequately treated by painkillers. The breast can be bruised and swollen and appears larger in the first few days after surgery than the eventual size. In approximately six weeks the swelling and bruising settles to a large extent and the final shape of the breast becomes evident.

What is the normal post-operative course?

A small dressing is applied to the suture line in the crease underneath the breast. Most patients are able to shower and change the dressing themselves everyday at home. An outpatient appointment is made for removal of sutures approximately one week after surgery. A review appointment is usually offered one to three months after the operation.

What level of activity can be carried out in the weeks following the operation?

For the first couple of weeks patients can experience discomfort while lifting weights or stretching the arms above the head. It is advisable to have help around the house and with young children during this period. The majority of patients are quite comfortable and able to return to work within two to three weeks after surgery. It is usually possible to return to normal exercise schedules including gym, aerobics and swimming four to six weeks after surgery.

What specific issues should be discussed in the preoperative consultation?

Your surgeon will discuss the different shapes and types of implants that are available to you. You will be informed as to whether the implant will be placed above or below the pectoral muscle in the chest and what the long-term implications of having a breast implant would be in. Such problems may include capsule formation, leaks and ruptures, future mammograms, implications for pregnancy and breast-feeding and the possibility of revision surgery in the future.

You will need another appointment about 2 weeks prior to your surgery, at no further cost, to have any questions answered following you first consultation and for this you are welcome to bring a relative or friend.

What are the complications of this procedure?

Breast enlargement surgery can have complications just like any other surgical procedure. These include bleeding, haematoma (blood clot under the skin or in the substance of the breast ), infection, visible scar, asymmetry, loss of sensation in the nipple and long-term problems such as capsule formation, leaks or ruptures.

Very rarely does an implant have to be removed due to a severe infection following surgery. If this happens the breast is allowed to settle and a new implant is put in three to six months after the operation.

What are the guarantees about the lifespan of an implant?

No implant manufacturer guarantees an implant for life but 10 to 15 years is considered a reasonable timeframe for implant survival. Patients are invited to return for an annual review to check the integrity of the implant and for significant capsule formation. If there is a suspicion of a leak or rupture the surgeon may advise you to have an MRI scan or an ultrasound examination to check on the integrity of the implant.

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To this day I still believe it was the best decision I have ever made, My operation has totally changed my life and turned it around, I can wear any top I like with or without a bra and it actually feels good. I’ve definitely got my feminine side back.


Breast Augmentation Surgery

“It’s been something that I have craved to do for many years and at the tender age of 50 have finally decided to bite the bullet.

I made an appointment to see Mr Sood, who was brilliant, I have to say. He explained everything to me and answered all my concerns and worries that I had or threw at him. I explained I wanted very natural looking breasts and he advised me to have teardrop ones and he would place the implants behind the breast muscle to make them look natural.

He advised me that he would judge the best size for me whilst I was on the operating table. I was happy to leave this to him, although I did make it clear that I wanted a noticeable result from being a 32B.

I was very excited to be having my procedure and went into hospital with no reservations, just excitement. Mr Sood had put my mind at rest about everything and I just couldn’t wait to have new boobs. I went down and came round about an hour or so later and apart from feeling slightly tight I had new breasts! There was very little bruising around the area and I only had painkillers that evening after surgery. I came out the following morning feeling a new woman with self confidence that had raised 10 fold. I had no more painkillers once I left hospital. I have to say that I expected far more pain and bruising but was pleasantly surprised that it was a walk in the park, due to the very experienced Mr Sood making it so effortless for me. My new size is 32DD and perfect.

I am so thrilled with the results in every way. They are absolutely perfect. He got the size absolutely right and in proportion to my body. The whole experience has been fantastic and would definitely recommend to anyone to go for it! I love them.

Thank you.”

They are absolutely perfect. He got the size absolutely right and in proportion to my body. The whole experience has been fantastic!


Sincere thanks go to all patients that grant their permissions for us to display their photographs.

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