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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for Medicolegal Reports 

 1. Appointments will be made for your client to be seen within six weeks of receipt of instructions.

2. Reports will be sent within two weeks of date of examination.  Please note that when the report has been completed, you will receive the first and last pages of the report within two weeks.  I will release the full report on receipt of a cheque for the agreed fee. 

3. Minor corrections or adjustments to the report due to either an omission or typing errors will be made without charge. 

4. In the event that any further questions are posed, which are not part of  your initial instructions or a request is made for a review of documents that are not included with the patient’s initial medical records or I am asked to review x-rays which have not been provided with the letter of instruction, there will be a further fee of £150.00. 

5. We also require that you and your client confirm the arranged appointment in writing as soon as possible. 

Failure to confirm this appointment in writing two weeks in advance along with a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions will result in the appointment being cancelled. If your client fails to attend the appointment  an invoice for £200 will be raised which will be payable by your client.   


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